Mbili Munthali

“I have always been a visual thinker and can see stories from observations in friends, day to day interactions, paintings, songs that invoke a mental image and everything in between!”

What do you do?

I work on a variety of films. They range from short films to feature films and I’ve also worked on commercials, documentaries and fun abstract pieces!

I’m primarily a camera operator, sometimes Steadicam operating, as far as what most people will know me for.

How did you get to where you are?

I have always been writing, photographing and filming in some way since my teens. Just before that I was acting as a child. We even put on a performance at the Leicester Haymarket Theatre a long time before the refurbishment. I think I was about 14 or 15 at the time.

I later studied Photography, Design Technology and Film Studies at college. I went to De Montfort University to study my Bachelor of Science in Media Production when I was introduced to the film group “Seven Five” where I met a large group of fantastic creative people and the things I began to work on with other people instead of isolation quickly skyrocketed!

Now I have a full time job, but work on films where I can because everyone still needs to pay the bills right? Recently, I made the biggest jump in purchasing my own production camera. The Red Epic Dragon 6k. She’s a beast and worth the money.

I’m working toward going full time freelance and we’ll see where that journey takes me. People have asked what my daily rate is but I have so far been open to offers if I find the material interesting because working at an indie level, money tends to be the least anyone has.

Why do you love what you do?

I have always been a visual thinker and can see stories from observations in friends, day to day interactions, paintings, songs that invoke a mental image and everything in between!

I love storytelling in all its forms and sharing that to people makes me happy.

That age old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” comes to mind when I try to pinpoint what it is I love about what I do.

Why are you based in Leicester?

Leicester was the place my family settled in and has been a part of me for the longest time and I love it. There is an amazing mix of culture, food, stories and representations from all walks of life. I am sure that is true of other cities too, but even when I was thinking about moving to London, I felt like I haven’t seen all of what Leicester has to offer yet. There’s always something new and interesting just round the corner.

What next?

I have a script from a dear friend for a low budget feature film that he wants me to work on with him and because I recently went back to the theatre when I was acting in The Little Theatre’s production of “Ladies Day”.

I shoot and edit the YouTube videos for “Dungeon Manager” as well as being in them.

I shot a short film that has been entered into the recent run of lockdown short film festivals with Keith Allott (amazing filmmaker btw).

I am editing a documentary that I shot of a Leicester-based wrestler and the Red Epic performed exquisitely!

I am developing a proof of concept for a limited series that I want to shoot and produce.

I have yet to see the cut of a short film called ‘Murder’ that we shot before the lockdown and was due to be screened at the Y Theatre before the lockdown happened. However, it is being released on YouTube this week so check it out on GM Finney Productions’ channel!

I’m also building a website and social media places for my work and start using that as a platform for showreels and upcoming projects. They are brand new so little content, but anyone can send me an email and start a conversation!

If you’re very curious, type my name into Google and there’s a few bits you’ll find from some of my projects or on IMDB.

....so keeping busy whilst I’m working from home!

Social media accounts to follow:

Website: www.editionmfilms.com Email: EditionMFilms@gmail.com Twitter: @EditionMFilms Instagram: @Edition_m_films