Lydia Lutudi

"Leicester helped shape my resilience and open up my mind to embracing various cultures in so many ways"

What do you do?

I am a funk and rock singer/songwriter, artist and founder of 'The I Love Me Project' which supports, educates and empowers primarily young people aged 13-25 that struggle with confidence, self esteem and self worth through workshops and events.

How did you get to where you are?

I grew up in a loving home with hardworking and supportive parents that laid the foundation for my passion for humanitarianism, quality music and the importance of knowing who I am.

In school I often found my creativity supported in some ways and oppressed in other ways. This led me to look for like-minded people and outlets where I could be free to be me. 'The I Love Me Project' was very much birthed out of this frustration.

I couldn't sing until I was 15 and my friends pressured me to perform at the school talent show. After a positive response I continued performing at every chance I could which eventually led me to being the 2 time winner of Leicester's Got Talent and Cosmopolitan's 'Leicester's Most Talented.' I have since been performing across the UK for various functions and events and was a busker for 5 years. All peer pressure isn't bad!

Why do you love what you do?

Music is where not only my physical voice can be heard, but my thoughts and views can be absorbed which is where my love for songwriting developed. I personally feel musicians are somewhat responsible for the 'word food' (as I like to call it) that we feed people.

Unique circumstances forced me to think outside of the society I was ostracised from and organise events and workshops that would bring humanity together again as we are so far apart. Sometimes the world can feel like a hopeless place but I feel so overwhelmed with love when I receive positive feedback from people telling me how one of my artforms have changed their life or perspective on something. The world truly coming together is peace personified.

Why are you based in Leicester?

I moved here with my family as a teen after living in the United States and Ghana, Africa and now see Leicester as my home. Leicester helped shape my resilience and open up my mind to embracing various cultures in so many ways. I often find when I meet people from around the world and mention I'm from Leicester, there always seems to be a link or positive remarks. I'll never forget striking up a conversation with a random gentleman in Saudi Arabia while waiting for the lift and finding out he was from Leicester! Small world indeed.

What next?

I have exciting plans down the pipeline for The I Love Me Project post lockdown. For updates you can check out

As far as my music, I have completed my first ever single which I am so excited to release post lockdown followed by an E.P. release. You can catch my virtual live performances for Festival2Funk on 22nd May (available to catch up on!) and Cosmopolitan Carnival on the 22nd and 23rd August.

I am always looking for people to connect and create with so please feel free to contact me.


Social media accounts to follow:

Facebook: /LydiaLutudi | /ContactILoveMe

Twitter: @LydiaLutudi | @ContactILoveMe

Instagram: @LydiaLutudi | @ContactILoveMe