Dan Flanders, Duncan MacLeod and Jordan Dean aka Fishbulb Films

"Leicester is quite a unique place... we find it’s been really interesting collaborating with other filmmakers and storytellers within the city"

What do you do?

We are Fishbulb Films, a film production company founded by Jordan Dean, Dan Flanders and Duncan MacLeod. We make short films, TV commercials and all other forms of creative or narrative based storytelling. We’ve previously produced two award winning short films; ‘The Nail That Sticks Out’ and ‘Dead Air’, as well as a TV commercial for Curve Theatre promoting their production of ‘West Side Story’.

How did you get to where you are?

Dan and Duncan met at college in 2005 studying Media. After going to separate universities to study media based courses. Upon graduation, we freelanced in video production, including small-scale promotional videos and wedding videography. In 2016, we successfully pitched for the Leicester Comedy Festival social media contract together. Crosscut Media was formed off the back of the comedy festival. Jordan joined the team shortly afterwards having completed a Film Studies course at De Montfort University, and then a Masters degree in International Film Production the following year.

Since founding in 2016 we have worked with companies such as Argos, De Montfort University, TK Maxx, Pall-ex, The Royal Air Force Association and many more. In 2019, after throwing the idea around of having a separate brand concentrating on more creative and narrative-based film for several months, we successfully applied for a grant from Creative England's New Ideas Fund to help launch our idea. In August 2019, Fishbulb Films was officially launched.

Why do you love what you do?

First and foremost all three of us are passionate about creative ways of storytelling. After years of working on corporate projects to fit the briefs of others, we decided that it would be amazing if we could work on projects with which we had full creative control – creating and telling stories that were interesting and, hopefully, inspiring.

The main thing we talk about in the office is TV shows, films and books that we find interesting and pulling apart how the story was told. We hope to create pieces of work which are always original, as opposed to filming something for the sake of having something to film. With Fishbulb Films, we hope to develop ourselves professionally as we push ourselves creatively and technically.

Why are you based in Leicester?

Leicester is quite a unique place to operate our business from. It’s got an upcoming and exciting media industry, and we find it’s been really interesting collaborating with other filmmakers and storytellers within the city. Being in the centre of the country, with great transport links as well is very useful for us to easily work with talent outside of Leicester.

What next?

Next on the cards (if we can go outside at some point), we have a project with local writer, Jess Green, called Burning Books. We’re hoping to produce a short film based on what was originally a stage play by the end of the year. A few more shorts are on the cards too, which we can’t say much more about, and we also have a couple of commercial opportunities coming up.

We’re always up for talking to people who are interested in film production, from writing, to production, to post production!

Social media accounts to follow:

Facebook: @fishbulbfilms

Twitter: @fishbulbfilms

Instagram: @fishbulbfilms