David Wilson Clarke

"Whatever you’re trying to do, there will be a community there to help you"

What do you do?

I’m a photographer of contemporary dance, performance art, art and portraiture. I also do electronics for artists, teach photography, and co-run a community darkroom. What I’m working on is a long list, some of which may never happen. I’m doing quite a few collaborations with other artists, as being an artist still feels very new to me, so it’s a way of learning. Some of the projects aren’t photography or electronics, which is interesting...

Current highlights are: stuffing puppets full of electronics for theatre company Enter Edem’s Plankton project, building an ‘old’ video art piece, a portrait project on gender, and I currently have my first solo exhibition of dance photography at (the closed) Déda in Derby.

How did you get to where you are?

I was an electronics & computer engineer for years, then, 15 years ago, I picked up a camera, and got the bug.

Initially I photographed bands, then saw some performance art, and was hooked. This lead on, via a strange route, to contemporary dance. Three years ago I went freelance, and I’m almost stable with the multitude of jobs I have.

Why do you love what you do?

Learning and problem solving, whether it’s a new bit of tech, or how best a story can be told. I’ve now found my creative journey has sent me down all sorts of new unexpected paths, revealing a host of stuff that’s new to me, which is wonderful!

Why are you based in Leicester?


Whatever you’re trying to do, there will be a community there to help you. Whether it’s music, theatre, dance, art, spoken word, or so many others, there will be a like minded set of people who will run with your ambitions.

What next?

I’m okay if things take their time, so projects can wax and wane, and come back in another form, later.

I’m interested in video installations, at the moment, but lack a subject, creative photoshoots I love. And a small dance film festival may appear.

Social media accounts to follow:


Twitter: @ddwwcc

Instagram: @davidwilsonclarke

Website: https://dwc-imagery.com

Email: dwc@dwc-imagery.com