Charlotte Laidet

"It sounds cliché, but at this very peculiar and worrying time we’re living right now, it makes it even clearer that my work is my passion"

What do you do?

I am the Festival Producer at Big Difference Company, the charity behind Leicester Comedy Festival. This mainly means delivering the Festival, with our fabulous team. My role specifically is about programming, liaising with venues, artists, promoters, agents, box office - basically a coordination of everyone involved in the festival.

How did you get to where you are?

I studied arts and design for 6 years in France (where I’m from), and realised I wanted to work in live cultural events, specifically in regard to technical and logistical aspects. I started my first job in 2010 at the Palace of Versailles, to assist the technical director of the Royal Opera. After 5 years developing my role there and learning so much about live events in such an amazing environment, I went to work for one of the biggest conventions in France called Japan Expo. This was a great opportunity to explore different managing processes, in a more commercial/business orientated event, whilst retaining some cultural aspects. Then I came back to the world of live performance by working for a year at the Theatre de la cite internationale in Paris.

At that time, I started to feel I wanted to explore more, and start a new challenge. That’s when I decided to leave France and move to Leicester and get a MSc Cultural Events Management at De Montfort University. At the end of this challenging and enriching year, I had to find a placement, which I did with Big Difference Company, having volunteered for them a few months before. Since then, I’ve been employed there permanently, first as a special events manager then going on to become the Festival Producer in 2018.

Why do you love what you do?

I couldn’t do anything else. It sounds cliché, but at this very peculiar and worrying time we’re living right now, it makes it even clearer that my work is my passion. Developing new ideas and projects within a fabulous team, and seeing it come to life is very satisfying. The organisation, planning, and scheduling of projects makes me feel inspired and motivated.

I love live performance in many forms, I enjoy going to see shows and spectacles. So being able to bring some of these for the public to enjoy is so rewarding. The adrenaline rush of a Festival is something I crave. I also love how cultural events bring together all kinds of people, with different stories and personalities, all bringing something unique to the experience.

Why are you based in Leicester?

My main job is producing Leicester Comedy Festival, so being based in Leicester is quite an important criteria ☺

But also, for the last 3.5 years I’ve been living here, I realised how great Leicester is for events and the creative industry. This city gives you so many opportunities to express and realise your ideas. There’s an amazing creative scene and community here, there’s always something going on, which makes Leicester a vibrant and exciting city to live in.

What next?

My next project was to work on a Luminarium by Architects of Air, but with the lockdown, some upcoming projects are on hold.

I am starting to work on Leicester Comedy Festival 2021 and also looking for other projects and opportunities to challenge myself and learn new things.

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Twitter: @_n00sh_